How to Prepare for Hybrid Workspaces?

How to Prepare for Hybrid Workspaces?

The workplace as the initial center for the organization and management of production is associated with the implementation of many functions of modern management and, above all, such as design and certification, development of technology and equipment, etc., therefore, the correct organization and maintenance of the workplace are among the most important organizational and economic tasks. at all enterprises.

Sharing Programs as an Important Part of Hybrid Workspaces

Sharing programs allow multiple employees to edit and view different types of files at the same time. This simple feature, familiar to everyone from Google Docs, allows teams to achieve synergy and solve business problems much faster. Small business problems – in a wide variety of areas – can be accomplished with simple, open-source applications. Let’s remember some of them.

1. NextCloud is an interesting cloud file storage service. It’s like Dropbox, only-open source, with great customization options and installation on a physical server.

In NextCloud, users can not only upload files (NextCloud Files section) and view them together, but also manage calendars, contacts, and schedule projects (NextCloud GroupWare). Calls, chat, and video calls are available through the Nextcloud Talk module.

Any amount of information in NextCloud can be shared via a URL. For confidential tasks, NextCloud offers modern encryption mechanisms, as well as advanced capabilities in Enterprise mode. The simplest version of NextCloud is available for $ 36 per user per year. Discounts start when 200 or more users connect.

2. Р7-Office is a domestic package for office work, which includes editors of tables, presentations, mail client, project tracker, chats, audio, and video calls service.

As a matter of fact, for most small businesses, this package is just enough. It has everything that modern editors, email programs, project management services can do. “Р7-Office ” is a cloud solution available both for PC (Windows, Linux, and macOS are supported) and for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

3. Trello is a cloud-based project management software for small teams. In fact, this is a digital version of a kanban board, where all employees see current projects, edit them as tasks are completed, and bosses monitor and coordinate these processes.

Trello board users see all the company’s tasks in the form of columns of cards, where you can add files, documents, write text descriptions and discuss it all in chat. Trello lets you customize process status notifications. You can move tasks between columns in one click.

Trello gives users different rights so that the company observes the main principle of the Japanese Kanban methodology – the executor of a task cannot “close” it, that is, transfer it to the status of completed/irrelevant.

Healthy Hybrid Workplaces an Example of Action

Individual and social norms of behavior and ethics are the foundation of any religious and moral philosophy. One of the most important generally known principles – do no harm – in relation to the workplace means guaranteeing the health and safety of the worker.

Long before the laws on labor and health protection came into force, businesspeople realized the importance of adhering to certain social and ethical standards in relation to workers, as part of their role in society and ensured success in business.

Consumers are empowered to contribute to a healthier workplace. For example, selected ethical groups of entrepreneurs and consumers around the world have created commercial fair trade labels targeting consumers in developed countries. These trademarks promote the health and social well-being of manufacturers and environmentalists in the manufacturing sector.

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