How to Write a Successful Business Blog?

How to Write a Successful Business Blog?

Novice and experienced video bloggers know well how difficult it is to find the perfect program to stream. It should have the most convenient and uncomplicated interface, not overload the computer, provide at least a basic set of features, and preferably be free. We offer you the 5 best-streaming programs for your choice, which are popular among bloggers.

Use OBS Studio for Successful Business Blog

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) has already been evaluated by thousands of streamers. It is a completely free and open-source software that can be used for video recording as well as streaming without any restrictions. There are versions for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

OBS Studio allows the user to broadcast up to 8 scenes without loss of video and audio quality. Switching between them is carried out smoothly due to transitions. A set of filters (chromakey, mask, color correction, etc.) for video sources is available.

There is also a built-in audio mixer with an intuitive interface designed to work with sound: noise reduction, sound amplification, compression, etc. OBS Studio works with all popular streaming platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox, and others. The program has a nice interface and a convenient settings panel for quick configuration.


  • compatibility with any streaming platform;
  • the function of saving recordings of broadcasts on a PC;
  • support for filters, plugins;
  • built-in sound correction;
  • convenient Russian-language interface;
  • technical support and community;


  • standard functions do not allow adding the same video stream to two scenes at the same time;
  • adding a creeping line is available only through a filter.

XSplit Broaster at Another Integral Utility for Successful Business Blog

XSplit Broadcaster allows you to stream online to YouTube, Twitch, and other services. The program has tools for capturing images, broadcasting from the monitor screen, game consoles, webcams. The picture is processed and sent to the server. A flexible system for adjusting video parameters (quality, resolution, frame rate, etc.) is available.

The program is aimed at business blogs, therefore it contains a built-in function of broadcasting the gameplay to any of the popular services. GeForce Experience allows you to choose the video file format, adjust the broadcast quality, select the screen capture area, add visual effects, filters, adjust the sound.

The utility is quite demanding on the technical capabilities of the PC, especially when streaming to YouTube. It is worth considering this point. To start broadcasting, you can add a video from a webcam, specify a microphone, set up sound, authorize a YouTube channel, etc. The interface is in many languages.

To get acquainted with the program, you can use the trial version, and for full use, you need to purchase a license. The free version imposes a number of restrictions: the number of scenes broadcast – up to 4, the ability to transmit only mono sound, the appearance of the program logo on video with a resolution higher than HD, etc.

The fields “Your ID” and “Password” are randomly generated unique data. They are required to connect to a remote computer. If your PC is a manager, you need to contact the owner of the managed computer and request an ID AND password from him. Owners of notebooks and computers with NVIDIA GPUs should be familiar with this program. Its main purpose is to quickly and easily update video card drivers. To start using the utility, all you need to do is download GeForce Experience for free and create an account.

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